Low Budget
The average investment is $14

Pretty cheap huh?

To kickstart the whole process all you need is really no more than a few bucks thanks to a mix of magic and psychology that will allow you to achieve extremely ludicrous results.

2021 Method
Exploit everything without restrictions

Ain't that awesome?

Whether you want to advertise your online business or bring traffic to your instagram page the method will remain the same, and it will give the same positive results every time you use it, if you do things the right way.

High Return
You can turn your $14 into $10,000

High return?

This guide was tested on a group of 6 people, 3 people with online profits and sales experience. 2 people that had failed numerous times with online business and one total beginner. Everyone reached the goal of $1000 of revenue, for the fastest one it took 13 hours, the slowest achieved it in 23 days.

Results will start coming in within a few days

Will I have to wait?

You won’t have to wait long to see the results coming in. The psychological mechanism we're exploiting builds trust among our target audience rapidly. In no more than a couple of days you’ll see the cash rolling.

No minimum skills required

Why is it simple?

You won’t need any expertise in marketing, coding, or anything at all. Everything you need you will learn here. The beauty of this method is that it’s truly accessible to everybody, both money wise and skills wise. You just need some brain power, a decent internet connection and a computer.

Knowledge is power
take action now


Detailed, step by step explanation of our technique. No secrets are being left behind.

Case study #1, a practical explanatory situation that will help you understand how things work in the real world.

Case study #2, like the first one wasn’t enough. Guess I must be generous.

7 Extraordinary techniques based on our trick, to help you exploit numerous niches and popular events.

Custom tools and Bot Automation coming soon.

Lots of explanatory images and screenshots that will help you understand everything a lot better, and actually absorb the things that you’re going to be reading.



Do I need programming skills?

Programming skills aren't required.

Do I need any skills at all?

Only common sense and dedication. Everything else you need you can learn from this ebook.

Is this whitehat?

Definitely blackhat. Nothing illegal tho

Is this a long term method?

Definitely, you’ll see that it will suit you through the years and in a lot of different scenarios.

Is it worth the price?

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s worth a lot more.

Do I need money to start?

You will need a couple of dollars in order to start seeing results

How long till I see any results?

Students will usually start seeing results within the first 4 days

Do I need VPN or bots?

Not at all.

What are the requirements to start?

A computer with internet access and a brain. If you're wild you might even do this with just your phone

Can I use it from my country if I'm not american?

Yes, it’s totally worldwide and you'll be able to exploit it in any country